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The Ottawa County Economic Development Office, Inc. (OCEDO) is a non-profit organization that was founded in 1991. The Executive Director of the organization is Ken Rizzio. The purpose of this organization is to provide professional economic development services to Ottawa County, its local governmental units, residents and business & industry. The mission is to encourage and facilitate economic development activities countywide, which will retain and create job opportunities, tax base and private sector investments.

Since the beginning of the organization, OCEDO has assisted in obtaining approximately $14 of State and federal funds for each dollar spent on maintaining the operation of OCEDO. There are important competitive advantages that exist for OCEDO and its clients. First, OCEDO directly writes grant applications for clients, which result in higher quality, shorter timelines, and a high track record of approvals. Second, OCEDO utilizes its knowledge and expertise of the area, which facilitates greater time efficiencies on up-front information searches.

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